Give a Christmas present with presence ~ a healing massage connecting mind & body in deep stillness

Many of my friends speak about a need to turn inwards, be silent and recharge, as we turn the corner and move, once again, into lighter times… Keep yourself  warm with lots of touch, spicy food, soaking up the sunshine whenever possible, dancing, massage, and togetherness with friends.

If you’re still looking for Christmas or New Years gifts my therapies are beautiful offerings and especially great to give to people who ‘have it all’, and when you don’t want to add more ‘stuff’ to your life…

During a deeply transforming ‘Water dancer’ workshop I spent a whole day immersed in a warm hydro pool, connecting to the nourishing energy of water, releasing the spine, working with fascia and emotions. I’m bringing that deep sense of stillness and peace into every one of my massage sessions, allowing your body to release and connect with the healing energy of water, our main life force. We all spend the first 9 Months of our life floating in warm water in the womb. About 70 percent of the human body is made up of water and, coincidentally, more than 70 percent of Earth is covered in water.


In Chinese Medicine the Water element governs Winter. This time of the year is the perfect time to work with water energy and the organs related to it – Bladder and Kidneys. They provide us with will power, with the ability to pace ourselves and a sense of being able to ‘go with the flow’, so we don’t exhaust ourselves.

Low water energy can cause a cold lower back, lower back pain, dark rings under eyes, an energy dip in the late afternoon 3-7pm, recurrent cystitis and a feeling of exhaustion…

If that is you I invite you to rest in the afternoon, have early nights, drink hot water, fennel tea, avoid caffeine and sugar. Choose a good Vit C and Zinc supplement to nourish the kidneys. Keep your feet & lower back warm with a hot water bottle at night and treat your body to a healing and nourishing massage. – If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?

PS: And maybe you can think of someone who really needs time to relax and reconnect with their body, to re-energize and find a sense of peace and calm this Christmas. Gift vouchers for all my therapies are available to make a wonderful nourishing present full of presence.

Email or call me for more information. Enjoy Christmas and look after yourself and the people around you with a sense of joy, gratitude, love and presence. These are by far the best gifts you can give.