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In my solution focused one-to-one therapy sessions we are working with the unconscious mind, addressing issues you want to change exactly there, helping you transform negative behaviour patterns into a positive solution. I am combining Hypnotherapy NLP, EFT & Life coaching, tailoring towards and tuning in to each client,  in all areas of stuckness, assisting you with the changes you look to make.

Trauma therapy, Fight, Flight & Freeze… how to stop running away from the tiger

Animals shake trauma out of their body naturally. Unfortunately humans often get stuck in the fight/flight or freeze response since uncontrolled crying/shaking or tantrums are socially not acceptable and so since childhood we have learned to suppress them. But what emotions we suppress eats our energy and finally makes us ill. – Depression, Anxiety, Sleep disorder, Chronic Fatigue, to name just a few. Over the past year my therapy journey has increasingly focused on trauma release. And one of the most important things I learned was that working with the logical level does not help. We need to work with the emotional charge in the physical cells, the unconscious animal body that at all costs tries to survive. So how do we bypass the conscious brain? There are many techniques. The one’s I am using are NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnotherapy, combined with Shiatsu (Acupressure) and Somatic body work/Emotional release techniques, supporting clients during trauma release (grief, fear, sexual abuse etc).


One of the most important things I’ve learned is that working with the logical level of the mind does not help. We need to process the emotional charge of trauma on the unconscious, the physical cell level – because it is our unconscious animal body that runs the survival program – at all costs, even if it is exhausting the body to the core it intention is to be safe, to survive. So how do we bypass the conscious brain to work with the unconsciousness? There are so many practices available. They all have the aim to integrate and heal, may it be Shamanic Healing, Reiki or Meditation. I am using NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Hypnotherapy, combined with Shiatsu (Acupressure) and Emotional release techniques, supporting clients during trauma release (grief, fear, sexual abuse etc). Our animal body needs to know it is safe first of all – then we can teach it different behaviour patterns and create new beliefs.

And animals and consciousness is a good subject. In their own way they are superior as they do not judge, they are in the present moment. When our human consciousness arises it separates us from the environment. It’s the “I”, the ego, that learns to fear, to contract and control. How do you let go of this control and allow the universe to hold you? How do you wake up from a victim state when you don’t know you are in this story of blame and wanting to control? How do you return to the universal flow when our unconscious mind runs the show? About 98% of our action is driven by programs learned in our early childhood or even before – ancestral Qi … How do you know that it’s your limiting beliefs and perceptions that create the world around you… the path to awakening and COMPASSION for ourselves is a slow and windy one…

I have now “stumbled upon” a wonderful Shiatsu/TCM (Chinese Medicine) focused trauma workshop and I’m so looking forward to bringing this focus even more into my body work, freeing the instinctive animal body of old trauma and help it to find new zest and joy for life.

When releasing old trauma and related behaviour and belief patterns you can often experience a completely new outlook on life, a heightened sense of peace and calm and at the same time a new lease of energy and aliveness, as the stress reduction helps freeing up the body’s energy and helps us find more empowered ways of dealing with life’s challenges.

Shiatsu massage & Contact Improvisation – Body awareness and listening touch

When giving Shiatsu, or ‘moving meditation’ as I call it, I move with my body and the body of the receiver in mindfulness and presence. I respond to my client’s body, allowing the massage to unfold naturally, intuitively, touch by touch, movement by movement. It’s like turning the page of a fascinating book, or walking through a new landscape. I never know what the next step or page will bring. The landscape and story unfold in front of my eyes, under my hands and feet as we move along. With as much depth as you and I are able to be present with and to receive.


Every session offers the chance for a profound meeting, a dialogue between you and your body. I am merely the facilitator of that meeting. I am here to be present, to meet your body, soul and spirit where you are and to move with you. I am here to help you feel your own body and to help you listen to it.


A key moment of my training as a therapist was taking up Contact Improvisation dance classes when I was in the second year of my Shiatsu training. I was a good ‘giver’ of massage then, but I did not quite know how to listen with my fingers and my body whilst giving massage. I did not know how to ‘sit’ with stillness as my head kept asking: What now? What to do next? Where would this go? Feeling anticipation, the urge to move, to do something… being uncomfortable with not knowing what to do next.


And during Contact Dance sessions I sat with exactly the same questions and discomfort – in long moments of suspense… until I started to realize that this really was the key! Sitting with ‘not knowing’. Sitting with emotions, thoughts and judgements. While learning to relax and to listen and resisting the urge of wanting ‘to do’. Stepping back and allowing myself to simply observe and to drop into a sense of trust instead.


Awww, and what a relief it was when I finlly discovered trust! Trusting that by allowing space, something would shift eventually. And to my amazement, every time, when the process unfolded naturally, it would do so effortlessly!


A movement rising out of stillness has a sense of ease and effortless flow… It requires no action or knowing. It requires only emptiness, to stop being the “do’er” and become the listener, the witness, as the process unfolds. And I vaguely remember a quote by Aristotle:

The aim of every movement is stillness, because at the end of each movement, something has to remain.”


Just like the principle of Yin and Yang… the cycle of birth and death. Energy never disappears but transforms, and it is within this process of transformation that our Shiatsu journey unfolds. I don’t know where it will take us. But I always know when we have arrived. At the end of it, we always find a deep sense of stillness.

Give a Christmas present with presence ~ a healing massage connecting mind & body in deep stillness

Many of my friends speak about a need to turn inwards, be silent and recharge, as we turn the corner and move, once again, into lighter times… Keep yourself  warm with lots of touch, spicy food, soaking up the sunshine whenever possible, dancing, massage, and togetherness with friends.

If you’re still looking for Christmas or New Years gifts my therapies are beautiful offerings and especially great to give to people who ‘have it all’, and when you don’t want to add more ‘stuff’ to your life…

During a deeply transforming ‘Water dancer’ workshop I spent a whole day immersed in a warm hydro pool, connecting to the nourishing energy of water, releasing the spine, working with fascia and emotions. I’m bringing that deep sense of stillness and peace into every one of my massage sessions, allowing your body to release and connect with the healing energy of water, our main life force. We all spend the first 9 Months of our life floating in warm water in the womb. About 70 percent of the human body is made up of water and, coincidentally, more than 70 percent of Earth is covered in water.


In Chinese Medicine the Water element governs Winter. This time of the year is the perfect time to work with water energy and the organs related to it – Bladder and Kidneys. They provide us with will power, with the ability to pace ourselves and a sense of being able to ‘go with the flow’, so we don’t exhaust ourselves.

Low water energy can cause a cold lower back, lower back pain, dark rings under eyes, an energy dip in the late afternoon 3-7pm, recurrent cystitis and a feeling of exhaustion…

If that is you I invite you to rest in the afternoon, have early nights, drink hot water, fennel tea, avoid caffeine and sugar. Choose a good Vit C and Zinc supplement to nourish the kidneys. Keep your feet & lower back warm with a hot water bottle at night and treat your body to a healing and nourishing massage. – If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?

PS: And maybe you can think of someone who really needs time to relax and reconnect with their body, to re-energize and find a sense of peace and calm this Christmas. Gift vouchers for all my therapies are available to make a wonderful nourishing present full of presence.

Email or call me for more information. Enjoy Christmas and look after yourself and the people around you with a sense of joy, gratitude, love and presence. These are by far the best gifts you can give.







Relief Tension, unwind your Body and Mind with Massage and Hypnotherapy in Edinburgh

Relief Tension – Unwind Your Mind and Body perfectanimalshots03                                                                  When did you last wake up with a smile? When did life start feeling so serious? Do you sometimes look at yourself in the mirror, seeing tension in your face and body? Do you suffer from headaches, IBS, lack of enjoyment, and over-work, feeling exhausted and overwhelmed by life. Many people are looking for a remedy to the tension and the remedy is easing back and ‘unwinding’.

Tension may be okay in the short-term, but long-term it’s a warning from our body – to

change how we live life.


Here are some ways for you to relieve tension to make sure you can become more productive, healthy, and satisfied with your life.


1. Ditch the self medication: Caffeine to keep going, Alcohol at night to switch off. Is that you? These beverages are having the same effect on tension as oil poured into a fire to douse it. So the first step is to cut down on any substances you suspect are just substitutes for real solutions to your tension. Try to drink a good quality green tea instead, it clears the mind and does not cause an energy dip as coffee does. At night try a warm almond milk which is rich in Magnesium with cinnamon or a Magnesium supplement to relax instead, read a good book or do some gentle yoga and breathing exercises.


2. Find out the cause of your tension – Is it work, a relationship, lack of exercise, guilt, anger, exhaustion or a combination of these?  Sit down and think: “What is making me tense?” Write down anything that comes to mind (it may even be a particular person). Then think about practical ways that will (along with these tips) help you to either improve the situation or at least get some respite from it.


3. Take time out – Often feeling tense is a sign that you need to take regular pit stops. We can all keep going a lot longer if we take time out. Even during his busiest times in the midst of WWII, Winston Churchill would still insist on taking to his bed for an hour in the afternoons. There is nothing like an afternoon power nap to ease away tension, revive energy and optimism, and make you feel human again.

A study found that an afternoon power nap of 26 minutes can boost performance by as much as 34 percent! The best time to power nap is between 1:00 and 3:00, a time in which we naturally experience a dip. – In Chinese Medicine this is the Kidney time, a time to take a break, to rest and recharge. Give your adrenals a break and have a nap instead of a coffee. In my NLP sessions I teach clients self-hypnosis exercises to switch off and enter a meditative state. You can easily do this even in the office during a break. These days you can also find many meditation apps you can download and use any time you want to switch off and relax. You will be surprised what a difference they can make to your energy levels and mood.


4. Move your body and breathe deeply! 🙂 A short walk three times a week has been shown to have greater antidepressant effects than antidepressant medication. And being outside in nature (even a park in a major city) can also relieve tension very fast. Start walking parts of your way to and from work, consider doing short yoga exercises when you work from home. Exercise helps you sleep better at night and will improve the quality of your life-enhancing afternoon power nap, too.


5. The power of Touch – Whether it’s by getting a massage once a week or taking time to hug a loved one (and yes, loving sex can be a great stress reliever!), touch can melt away tension. Gentle touch has been shown to improve physical and psychological functioning, particularly in terms of reducing tension and stress, relieving pain, and increasing your ability to cope. Set priorities. Allowing your body to receive regular massage is one of the best ways of coping with stress and for you to completely unwind and relax.

I suggest to my clients to book up for regular massage. My Hypnotherapy sessions help undo some of the tension in a stressed body, but a really good series of massages will get your body feeling much looser and energized again. Particularly Shiatsu (based on Chinese Medicine) has incredible healing and restoring properties which many of my regular clients swear by.


6. Have a laugh – a good belly laugh can relief pain, boost immune response, lower blood pressure, and enhance a sense of intimacy and shared understanding with those around you.  Make a point of revisiting funny movies, spending time with people who make you laugh, and also recalling times when you really laughed. In my NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions I help people to reconnect to their body’s memories and wisdom. What it needs to change your current negative state is often very easy – simply to revisit and connect with the positive feelings you are looking for. We all have been happy and relaxed before in our life’s. Connecting with to those good feelings and memories will cause a physical response in your body and make you instantly feel better. You can learn how to trigger a release of Endorphins any time you want to feel better – without the need of substitutes like sugar, alcohol or cigarrettes. Our brain is amazing at being re-programmed to how you want to feel! Try my NLP and Hypnotherapy sessions and you will be surprised at the changes you will experience in your life.

“When did you have a really good laugh?” I often ask my clients during NLP and hypnosis sessions. Right now you might find it hard to remember; but I know that part of you can. When we ask the unconscious mind to travel back to a time when you’ve been really laughing it’s likely it won’t take long. I can quickly see a smile sneaking onto my clients face, turning into a bright beaming smile, until a giggle escapes followed by a real heart felt laughter. I suggest that you connect to good memories and laugh more during each day and really feel the benefits.


7. Socializing – Other people can help us. Making time to see people who are fun, interesting, and good listeners as well as talkers will help you relax more. Socializing might even make you smarter! They found that people who engaged in social interaction displayed higher levels of cognitive performance than the control group and felt less tense and happier for hours afterwards. Have you been neglecting your social life? Look at ways you can start to build it up again.

Ever found the only person holding you back is you? Contact me at Tarakasha Holistic Therapies to discuss what treament or therapy would be most suitable for you.

Best wishes


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Massage changes the genetic make up of your muscles, reducing inflammation and promoting cell recovery of injured muscles

Interesting scientific research shows that massage actually changes the genetic make up of your muscles! It is no real news that massage significantly reduces inflammation and increases cell recovery following exercise but now it’s also scientifically proven.


A recent study demonstrated that massaged muscle tissue (which had been injured during exercise before) showed 30% more genes that promote muscle repair and three times less genes associated with inflammation than untreated muscles.

This is great news!

Massage is not only enjoyable, but it really helps your body recover from injuries. Treat yourself in the name of science or just for pleasure. 🙂

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