The Past is Now


The past is not behind us. It lives in us, not in the past. We are the past’s home.

The past lives as memory, as feeling, and sometimes as trauma, repressed affect, undigested forms in the body longing to be met.

It lives on in the present moment, affects us in the present moment, calls to us, excites us, or won’t let us sleep.

We cannot be free from it, though we can free ourselves from the attempt to be free from it, and we can be free from our war with it, and that is a much deeper kind of freedom, the freedom of inner peace.

The future is the past, projected, and the past becomes our future if we cannot be present with the past, help it pass in our presence, meet and digest it and walk lovingly with it towards our future present, our present future, open-hearted, moment by moment, humbled, ready.

The past is Now. The future is Now.
The present transcends words.


Jeff Foster